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Clare Pearce | Press Release: I Love My Home Business!

Clare Pearce | Press Release: I Love My Home Business!.

A Journey Of Personal Development

A Journey Of Personal Development.

A Journey Of Personal Development

To take the journey of personal development is an amazing road of spiritual and personal discovery.  There is so much information available to us in 2013 it’s coming our way every time we switch on the computer, famous quotes, blogs you tube videos….the list is seemingly endless.

As much as I love to read all this information one main question comes to mind, how many people actually know how to apply these principles in everyday life?  Where is the “spiritual quotes for dummies” book to teach us exactly how we go about thinking positive thoughts constantly and manifesting our desires when we’re having a bad day?

Trying to tell someone who feeling really down to think positively is of no use to that person, handing them a quote from a famous mentor probably isn’t going to fix their problem (although it may lift them in that moment).  So how exactly do we go about applying these principles to avoid creating these situations in the first place.

Everything starts with a thought, I’m assuming when I say this that a lot of people are now getting around to that concept.  Think about it for a minute.  One day before television was invented someone, somewhere must have thought ” gosh wouldn’t it be nice to have a box in the corner of the living room that entertained us, gave interesting information” hmmmm I wonder what it would look like?  Boom!! here we go a thought was launched and with focus and belief we now take this television thought for granted every day.

So as much as we can’t change the past we can certainly start creating our future in this very moment by telling the story of the way we would like our lives to be and allowing time to dream and create each day.

A practical approach.

Start thinking about your belief systems, how do you feel for instance about money?  Did you grow up in a family who worked hard long hours? What did they teach you in their attitude towards the green stuff?  Maybe it was all positive and you were taught to believe in your dreams (even the crazy ones) and follow your ideas at any cost.

Or maybe you were told to work hard, get a good job and be satisfied for 40 years in the same career even if you ended up hating it.

Work on what comes up for you and see how you feel about it.  Do you feel like you are fulfilling all your dreams right now?  What haven’t you pursued in life yet?  Maybe you would have ditched the doctors coat in a heartbeat to be a pilot and pursue you dreams of flying?

Make a list!  Make a list as best you can right now of your hearts desires, don’t worry about how you’ll get them just make a list and commit to achieving one of these goals in a set time period. ( you don’t have to show anyone by the way, so let loose)!

Work!  Work on visualising your goal for at least 10 minutes a day until you can almost feel it, taste and be right in it.  Imagine how you’ll feel achieving your goal.

Personal development, take some time in your day to read books such as the secret or the law of attraction, watch a YouTube video that resonates with all you want to manifest in your life.  I’ve been a pupil of self development for some 9 years now and I’ll can tell you from personal experience you never get it done.  But who would want to?  This is a fun subject and you can’t fail a grade as you are unique haha no-one can argue with that!

I’ve found a great learning tool online for studying personal development and you can read more about that on my website http://

Take action towards your future today, I’ll be covering HOW to take action in my next blog.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Clare xx



Clare Pearce | Press Release: How To Profit From Your Passion

Clare Pearce | Press Release: How To Profit From Your Passion.

Clare Pearce | Press Release: Sharing A Great Article From The World Observer

Clare Pearce | Press Release: Sharing A Great Article From The World Observer.

Take Control Of Your Wealth And Your Future In The NOW

Take control of your wealth and your future in the now

When thinking about what I wanted to create in my life a few years ago, I realised that I was looking for a solution in other people. Things only started to change when I took control and decided to create my own direction in life.

I decided to be kind to myself and not focus on what I didn’t have, but be grateful for what I did have. I also decided to take a small step every day into making my dreams a reality.  This was a great confidence builder at the same time as I could see small changes starting to happen which was super exciting!

It’s important to note here that just a few small changes or actions can produce dramatic results in both your personal and professional life.

It’s also important to acknowledge that most of us did not grow up in an educational environment that specifically taught us how to create prosperity or abundance.  Most, if not all of the information I’ve gathered over the years has come from personal research, books, seminars and the like.

I also thought I would have benefitted from a personal mentor at one stage, but when I looked back over my career I realised that at least 5 influential mentor figures had been in my life at different times.  Not that I realised it at the time but these people shaped my thinking and contributed to the person I have become in this moment. Those I could still find I wrote to and thanked them for their input into my journey so far.  I hope that next time I will recognise a mentor when they arrive, as always right on time!

Back then I thought that just being lucky or working hard would create wealth.  They are important things and certainly assist in prosperity.  However it’s when you start focusing on what you want from life you literally get what you think about, as energy follows thoughts.

I’d see people talking about being under pressure financially and nothing ever seemed to change for them. Whatever they did the money seemed to flow out of their life as quickly as it came in.  Then I’d notice other people talking about their abundance and nothing changed for them either, just more flow of abundance.

Your brain is the best computer you’ll ever own. It pays to fill it with quality information that will assist you in achieving the life you want and discarding the negative thoughts that will only keep you in the same place.

It took me a long while practicing this before I started to do it naturally. It was definitely brain training to lose the negative programs, and still I cancel the odd thought here and there every day that I’m aware won’t serve me.  Success really does depend on the quality of what you allow into your environment and especially the people who surround you.

Our subconscious mind really is the biggest part of the computer that needs re programming and this takes daily commitment, like anything worthwhile I guess.  Remember, positive thoughts are so much more powerful than negative ones. Reading quotes or affirmations everyday actually reprograms the subconscious mind to believe we can succeed in anything.  As you imprint this self belief positively in your mind, it begins to create changes to match this new inner reality of belief.

Give yourself permission to create the life you want and take action to go after it. As I said, a small step can make a big difference in the long run.

At the end of it all, whatever we think about ourselves and our abilities on a regular basis will ultimately determine how successful we become.

Keep the thoughts positive and believe you can achieve!

What small step will you take today to make a difference for your future?



What Road Do I Take Said Alice?

Watching some great old movies recently with my daughter really showed some of the life lessons that Walt Disney cleverly disguised within his amazing productions.

Due to her namesake, we had to watch Alice in Wonderland again haha love that movie!

The Cheshire Cat, wise as he was in a crazy kind of way, says something very true which struck a chord with me for the first time (watched this movie a thousand times by the way).

And I quote:

Alice ” What road do I take?”

Cat ” Well where are you going”?

Alice ” I don’t know”

Cat ” Then it doesn’t matter, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.

This is so true of many people in life, everyone wants to be somewhere different to where they are now and thinks or dreams of a better life in the future.  Although this is great, without a clear plan of exactly HOW we are going to achieve these goals and dreams we will be left wandering like Alice in Wonderland.

Alice’s journey through Wonderland was filled with uncertainty, adventure and new experiences. She definitely had to embrace getting out of her comfort zone to find her way home.  Life is supposed to be fun, challenging and exciting but often we tie ourselves physically and emotionally to situations that hold us back. Even if we don’t like them they are still well within our comfort zone and its often easier to stay there.

Many people are living in situations that aren’t really making them truly happy and although they desire a change, often talk about it and nothing ever happens… WHY?…because there’s no clear plan of HOW!

Get into a HOW mindset!

Thinking about our goals and dreams usually makes us feel good and quite excited about the future, often the next step is sharing those with friends and family.  Sometimes this can be met with mutual excitement and other times 427 reasons why we shouldn’t do that.  We’ve all heard about how many new businesses go broke in the first year and the friend who failed miserably at his attempt to follow his dream blah blah blah.

Rule number 1

Decide on your goals, write them down and keep them to yourself!  The only people you need to involve in your thoughts are the ones who can help you achieve them.

Think of this, if I told a friend who wasn’t in a great financial position I was planning to spend $100,000 on a new Mercedes, he or she would probably tell me I was insane! They couldn’t perceive my dream as it wasn’t in their thought process.  However if I spoke to the local Mercedes dealer he or she would give me 100 clear reasons why I couldn’t live without my dream car!  See the difference? Of course you do…so rule number 1 is very important.

Rule number 2

Do the scary stuff….yes work out the financials of achieving your goal.

Sometimes putting $500,000 worth of wish list items down on the list seems like a mountain you could never climb, sounds like way too much money and is often dismissed before we even start.  We can find lots of reasons why we can’t have something can’t we?

So do the scary bit and then relax.  Now how do we make this amount of money seem more reasonable?  I think of it in terms of people coming into my business, if every person brings a dollar figure with them I can simply count on how many people it will take to reach my goal.  Working it out in terms of sales and people removed the fear or blocked energy around the dollar figure. One nice car might be worth 20 nice people and who wouldn’t like 20 great people to work with?

Whatever your business involves you can work out exactly how much you need to sell or produce to reach your target, 20 people, 200 cupcakes, 5 new contracts, 100 new sign ups, it’s all relative isn’t it?  Whatever it is, you suddenly have a new and exciting perspective or pivot point to work from.

Rule number 3

Never give up!

If you try out a new diet and it doesn’t work, is it the fault of the diet? Probably not as its just words on a piece of paper and that’s not a weight loss solution.  Maybe it was the commitment to following the diet that was the problem?  Maybe it took too long to see results?  What could you have done to aid the weight loss? Maybe stepping up the exercise level would have helped, who knows? It doesn’t matter anyway as the diet didn’t work so maybe the next one will!

Probably not unfortunately, as the commitment, excitement and motivation levels may stay the same.

To reach the goals you desire, a “never give up” attitude is essential. Believe in yourself and remove any doubt or road blocks that pop up by addressing them ASAP.  Keep in mind that everything is possible and the more road blocks we can deal with the quicker we will be on the path to success.

Rule number 4

Work on yourself!

Thoughts and beliefs are powerful. They can create or deflate an idea very quickly. Thinking conscious thoughts and re-programming old beliefs about the past can pave the way to a different future.  One way to do this is to study an online course such as beyond freedom evolution which is all about personal development, finding out about yourself and learning to create the life you deserve in the future.

This course has been developed and accredited as a university post graduate degree and has won awards for the content and structure.  The beauty of studying at home is the freedom to go at your own pace and also connect globally with thousands of people studying the same course to share experiences and meet like minded people – it’s a fun and easy way to learn!

Even if this method is not for you, there are many wonderful resources out there from the law of attraction series to Dr John Demartini’s “Breakthrough Experience” and everything in between.

Thanks for reading my inspiration for today and if you would like more details about personal development education, coaching or learning more about a great business opportunity then please feel free to visit my website at


Have a wonderful day everyone

I’m off down the rabbit hole with Alice

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