3 Ingredient Homemade Lip Balm


Hello all you Lip Balm Lovers!!

Ok before we start…….I LOVE lip balm!!  “Of course”  you’re saying to yourself,” why would you spend time making it”?


Because it’s so EASY!!

For many years I spent my life as a Food Scientist writing and creating recipes for International companies and here I am at the kitchen bench making lip balm.  Well it’s the same principles of science and recipes but with a fun twist……much more fun!

I came across this idea on my journey with Young Living Essential Oils as I’d seen many other lovely people within the company sharing this great idea.  Of course every recipe is different (they’re all great) but thought I’d develop my own spin for another perspective.  Like most Mum’s who work, time is often something we don’t seem to have so my recipe had to be quick, easy and of course contain only natural, organic products, not too hard a brief to work to!

Firstly I jumped online and grabbed some organic beeswax from a lovely lady in New Zealand, then I picked up some organic coconut oil which thankfully is readily available in most health food shops.  Lastly I went to my growing collection of organic, 100% Therapeutic essential oils from Young Living and selected my fav flavour – in this case peppermint.

I have to say it’s been great having a range of essential oils on hand to choose from when I’ve been busy creating lots of different everyday products, I’m not sure how I lived without these gifts from nature.  It’s great to be gradually eliminating everyday toxic products from my home and replacing them with an all natural alternative, it just feels good for all the family to be breathing in cleaner air, beautiful scents and has definitely been an improvement for our upper respiratory problems.

Anyway…back to lip balm:)

Here’s the 3 ingredient recipe for beautiful soft lips:

1/4 Cup Organic Beeswax

1/2 Cup Organic Coconut Oil

20 Drops Peppermint Oil

How to Make it!

  1. Add the beeswax to the coconut oil and place in a microwave safe container. (a measuring jug is a handy container for pouring into glass/plastic jars once melted);
  2. Microwave the oil and wax for 30 seconds and then stir, repeat until all the beeswax has melted (about 3-4 times);
  3. Add 20 drops of peppermint oil and stir thoroughly to disperse the essential oil
  4. Pour into containers and leave to set – about 10 minutes
  5. Enjoy your beautiful new, organic lip gloss!

Your lips will shine and feel so soft after a few days.

Any essential oil can be used for this recipe, orange is divine and lime just feels decadent on the lips.

Handy Tips:

  • I’m a sinus sufferer and I find peppermint oil really relieves the stuffiness, the lip balm was an added bonus to carry in my handbag during the day.
  • My little one has trouble sleeping so I added Lavender to a balm and she loves putting it on before bed (she’s sleeping well)
  • My son had sore chapped lips and adding lemon oil to a balm has really helped the healing process.

The sky is the limit for what you can create with this recipe so have fun making your own blends that suit your needs.  If you need help with finding quality essential oils that are 100% organic, therapeutic  and safe for the skin then please feel free to jump over to my website https://www.youngliving.org/clarehamman and check out the products that Young Living offer.

You’ll also enjoy a generous 24% discount on all the products when you open a wholesale account for free!!

I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about essential oils in general or the company so please feel free to email me at clareh@aapt.net.au as I’m happy to help you.

Due to the current email overload I promise to respond within 48 hours, if you feel your question is urgent and you require a quicker response then please mark the subject as CLARE EO URGENT

Have a wonderful day everyone

Thanks for reading!!

Love light and Lip Balm:)))

Clare xx

Dealing with Scoliosis – A Natural Perspective

Scoliosis blog

Hi there people and hope you’re all having a great day out there in the universe!

Today I’m writing about a new passion of mine, essential oils!!!

I say “new” but my interest in these oils has been there a long time. Over the years I have bought these little bottles of magic at wellness fairs and random shops, used a few drops and then put them in the cupboard to die a slow death of evaporation.

This wasn’t because I didn’t want to use them, I just didn’t know exactly HOW or WHAT I should be doing with them, suffice to say I put that project away for another day, you know when we have “time” haha.

It wasn’t until recently when my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis (spine curvature) that I reopened Pandora’s box to try and find an oil to massage her back daily (doctors orders).

Initially the diagnosis was surgery and bracing for 6 years, I was spiralled into complete panic and rang surgeons and all sorts of specialists in a heartbeat (in between crying). I just couldn’t understand why placing rods in her 11 year old spine would help her? Surely we should have another option as she’s still growing? I was told that the spine doesn’t set until 20 years old…isn’t that 9 years to try something a lot less drastic than surgery?

Going ahead with the surgery would mean her dancing and active days were over, I had to at least look at other options, I felt I owed her that as her Mum.

Surprisingly I found that a little herb called oregano produced an oil to help the muscles relax so I thought I’d give it a go….. anything to help her was good in my thinking.

After 2 weeks of massage her spinal position had improved slightly and she wasn’t complaining of any pain when she was in dance class. She dances 9 hours a week, it’s pretty much her passion in life so it was so important for me to maintain her happiness any way I could.

Now before I claim the oils were working their magic, I did employ a chiropractor and an osteopath and along this process who were fantastic and very intuitive with their amazing knowledge of spines and related organs. I’m also a Theta Healing Practitioner myself so we combined talents. However both Doctors agreed that the muscles on her right side that were usually so tense and twisted were relaxing more as they were working, the first appointment she attended neither of them could manipulate the top layer of muscle to reach the spine by the 4th appointment both could get much deeper into the muscle tissue.

We all agreed that the massage and oils were assisting the process so collectively decided to keep on with what we were all doing.

This lead me to further research as I was convinced that the more oils I employed the better it would be. Well a whole new world opened up and I discovered more oils that would help….I also discovered that what I thought was too hard became an easy subject to learn with the help of a company called Young Living Oils.

Here I found so many people who were using these oils daily for all different ailments and reasons and were having great success…..

I’m now happily using my oils everyday for the whole family and I’ll write more blogs as I go to fill you all in on how they’ve been helping us all (coughs, colds, sinus) and little things like that.

For now and specially for people who have been touched by scoliosis, here are the ones that are helping my daughter from the young living range:

All the oils listed below I have mixed into a carrier oil for massage. The ones I diffuse in her bedroom at night I’ll specify in brackets.

Massage Oil Recipe:

240ml Sweet Almond Oil

5 drops Pan Away

5 drops Peace and Calming

5 drops Peppermint

5 drops Frankincense.

Pan away: this oil blend helps her with any pain she might have while sleeping in the same position (just a precaution)

Peace & Calming oil: this helps with confidence as a curved spine can demote confidence (the spine is our whole body support, I’ll be writing my next blog on emotions held in the spine:)

Peppermint oil: A curved spine can put even slight pressure on the lungs and this does the allow the body to remove congestion naturally, this oil gives a little aid to keeping the lungs and sinuses clear.

 Frankincense: this oil has so many health benefits and such a beautiful aroma, I figured it was a shame not to add it into the mix!

Lavender: (diffused), my daughter has a little trouble falling off to sleep so I’ve been diffusing this oil in her room at bedtime and it’s really helped. Occasionally after an osteopath treatment she has a headache and I find a drop massaged into each temple helps relive her symptoms in about 20 minutes.

So far we are winning the game and I’ll write more blogs in the future about Alice’s progress for other parents out there who are looking for another alternative.

I hope you find this article helpful and please feel free to pop over to my website http://www.youngliving.org/clarehamman and connect with me personally, I’d love to help you if I can.

Have a wonderful day and keep all those thoughts positive:)))

Clare xx

A Journey Of Personal Development

To take the journey of personal development is an amazing road of spiritual and personal discovery.  There is so much information available to us in 2013 it’s coming our way every time we switch on the computer, famous quotes, blogs you tube videos….the list is seemingly endless.

As much as I love to read all this information one main question comes to mind, how many people actually know how to apply these principles in everyday life?  Where is the “spiritual quotes for dummies” book to teach us exactly how we go about thinking positive thoughts constantly and manifesting our desires when we’re having a bad day?

Trying to tell someone who feeling really down to think positively is of no use to that person, handing them a quote from a famous mentor probably isn’t going to fix their problem (although it may lift them in that moment).  So how exactly do we go about applying these principles to avoid creating these situations in the first place.

Everything starts with a thought, I’m assuming when I say this that a lot of people are now getting around to that concept.  Think about it for a minute.  One day before television was invented someone, somewhere must have thought ” gosh wouldn’t it be nice to have a box in the corner of the living room that entertained us, gave interesting information” hmmmm I wonder what it would look like?  Boom!! here we go a thought was launched and with focus and belief we now take this television thought for granted every day.

So as much as we can’t change the past we can certainly start creating our future in this very moment by telling the story of the way we would like our lives to be and allowing time to dream and create each day.

A practical approach.

Start thinking about your belief systems, how do you feel for instance about money?  Did you grow up in a family who worked hard long hours? What did they teach you in their attitude towards the green stuff?  Maybe it was all positive and you were taught to believe in your dreams (even the crazy ones) and follow your ideas at any cost.

Or maybe you were told to work hard, get a good job and be satisfied for 40 years in the same career even if you ended up hating it.

Work on what comes up for you and see how you feel about it.  Do you feel like you are fulfilling all your dreams right now?  What haven’t you pursued in life yet?  Maybe you would have ditched the doctors coat in a heartbeat to be a pilot and pursue you dreams of flying?

Make a list!  Make a list as best you can right now of your hearts desires, don’t worry about how you’ll get them just make a list and commit to achieving one of these goals in a set time period. ( you don’t have to show anyone by the way, so let loose)!

Work!  Work on visualising your goal for at least 10 minutes a day until you can almost feel it, taste and be right in it.  Imagine how you’ll feel achieving your goal.

Personal development, take some time in your day to read books such as the secret or the law of attraction, watch a YouTube video that resonates with all you want to manifest in your life.  I’ve been a pupil of self development for some 9 years now and I’ll can tell you from personal experience you never get it done.  But who would want to?  This is a fun subject and you can’t fail a grade as you are unique haha no-one can argue with that!

I’ve found a great learning tool online for studying personal development and you can read more about that on my website http:// www.creating-the-journey.com.au.

Take action towards your future today, I’ll be covering HOW to take action in my next blog.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Clare xx